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Public Health Functional Profile Project - Year 1

(June 1, 2010 - May 31, 2011)

Project Events

Background and Objectives

It is critical for public health to get involved in the certification and testing process for Health Information Technology (HIT) in order to:
(a) specify certification criteria for HIT products related to public health reporting and bi-directional information exchanges with clinical Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR-Ss);
(b) provide input on developing test methods and tools for EHR-Ss interoperability with public health information systems;
(c) enable participation of public health information systems in the HIT product testing activities.

We are developing methodology for public health participation in HIT products certification through the following objectives:

  • Develop an approach for identifying public health criteria for certification of standards-based HIT products based on the Health Level Seven (HL7) Public Health Functional Profile
  • Work with state and local public health agencies and professional associations to solicit their input in developing Public Health Functional Profile
    and defining certification criteria for interoperable clinical and public health information systems
  • Participate with national certification entities representing public health interests

We invite public health professionals working in various public health domains (child health, vital registration, chronic diseases, laboratory, immunization, environmental health, injury control, communucable diseases and others) to join us in developing Public Health Functional Profile.

We will use the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) program as a specific public health domain for using Public Health Functional Profile for identifing specific functional requirements and conformance criteria in the HL7 EHR Functional Model to be used for specifying public health certification criteria for standards-based HIT products (EHR-Ss in the birthing facility, pediatric practice, and specialty care as well as public health hearing program information systems). Please note that we are working with the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) to develop testing tools and methods for interoperable information systems for EHDI program. Please See EHDI Project wiki pages for details.

Additional information is provided in the Call for Participation.

Project Team Contact Information

Project Listserv

A project listserv e-mail address has been created for this project.

To contact all EHR-PH Project Team members as well as all members of the Task Force please use the following e-mail address:

Task Force Members

View a list of the EHR-PH Task Force members‎ as of 3/4/2011

Project Team Contact List

The EHR-PH Project Team is made up of the following members:

Name Role Email Phone Number
Hetty Khan Project Officer (301) 458-4311
Michelle Williamson Project Officer (301) 458-4618
John Eichwald Project Officer (404) 498-3961
Anna Orlova Principal Investigator (410) 385-5272
Lori Fourquet Project Consultant / Facilitator Lori.fourquet@SBCGLOBAL.NET (203) 294-0479
Terese Finitzo Expert   (888) 727-3366 x 709
John Ritter Expert (224) 688-7929 (mobile)
Alla Fridman Project Manager (410) 385-5272


Project Activities and Timeline

Starting September 2010, regular calls of the PHDSC Public Health Functional Profile (PHFP) EHR-Public Health (EHR-PH) Task Force will be held to work on the project activities. These calls will be concurrent with the calls of the PHDSC NHIN Committee. 

For additional calls details (e.g., agenda, dial-in number, etc.) click the calls date link.

EHR-PH Task Force Activities


Work Items
PHDSC Call for Participation
1st Call of EHR-PH Task Force Participants
09/29/10 3-5pm ET
Project overview
2nd Call of EHR-PH Task Force Participants
10/27/10 3-5pm ET
HL7 EHR-S FM overview
3rd Call of EHR-PH Task Force Participants
11/17/10 3-5pm ET
Functional profile methodology
4th Call of EHR-PH Task Force Participants
12/22/10 3-5pm ET
Direct Care (rows 2-280)
5th Call of EHR-PH Task Force Participants
01/26/11 3-5pm ET
Direct Care (rows 281-580)
6th Call of EHR-PH Task Force Participants
02/10/11 3-5pm ET Direct Care (rows 581-860)
7th Call of EHR-PH Task Force Participants
02/16/11 3-5pm ET
Supportive (rows 2-271)
8th Call of EHR-PH Task Force Participants
02/25/11 3-5pm ET Infrastructure (rows 2-232)
Intent PH Functional Profile (PHFP) Ballot 02/27/11 Review via e-mail
Initial PH Functional Profile (PHFP) Ballot 03/06/11 Review via e-mail
9th Call of EHR-PH Task Force Participants
03/16/11 3-5pm ET Ballot Discussion
PH Functional Profile (PHFP) Ballot 03/27/11
10th Call of EHR-PH Task Force Participants - canceled
03/30/11 3-5pm ET
Certification methodology

Webinar on the PHFP Ballot - Announcement

(Sign for the (PHFP) Ballot Pool)

04/25/11 3-4pm ET


11th Call of EHR-PH Task Force Participants - canceled
04/27/11 3-5pm ET Review additional comments
Submission of additional comments on the Ballot By 05/09

PHDSC will work with specific

domains (programs) to submit

any comments

Draft Certification Criteria Document 04/30/11
12th Call of EHR-PH Task Force Participants - canceled
05/11/11 3-5 pm ET  Ballot Reconciliation

Project Calls

Call Information:
Toll free: +1 (866) 880-0098
Participant code: 5096592127

Live Meeting URL:

For additional calls details (e.g., agenda, dial-in number, etc.) click the calls date link.

PHFP Project Officers Calls

(Upon Request)

PHFP Project Team Calls

(Upon Request)

July 29, 2010
August 11, 2010
September 22, 2010

Unable to join the meeting? Follow these steps:
1. Copy this address and paste it into your web browser:
2. Copy and paste the required information:
Meeting ID: SRJS82
First Time Users:
To save time before the meeting, check your system to make sure it is ready to use Microsoft Office Live Meeting.
Microsoft Office Live Meeting can be used to record meetings. By participating in this meeting, you agree that your communications may be monitored or recorded at any time during the meeting.

Public Health Functional Profile Overview Chapter Workgroup


Working Documents

Documents listed in this section present project materials that are currently under development or under review by Task Force Members and the Project Team.

Project Deliverables

Project deliverables will be listed in this section once they have been developed and approved.

Ballot Reconciliation

Original Ballot


Additional Resources

This project is supported through the Cooperative Agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); Grant #5U38HM000455-03

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