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The PHDSC Wiki is a non-public Web area provided for the use of Consortium members. This is not the official PHDSC website.

About the PHDSC Wiki

A Wiki is a user-friendly, collaborative computing environment which allows participants to easily create and edit content as well as organize and post documents. In addition, users can "subscribe" to pages (by adding the page to your "watch" list) and receive an email when updates to a page are made. The WikiMedia Users Guide provides information on viewing and editing within a Wiki.

The PHDSC Wiki is offered by the PHDSC Communications and Outreach Committee. It is physically hosted by HLN Consulting, LLC but its pages are directly created and edited by its community of users (PHDSC members) via a decentralized, group authoring approach. While all PHDSC Wiki users have individual accounts and passwords, once you have been granted access you are able to navigate anywhere in the PHDSC Wiki regardless of the committee (or project) within which you participate. The PHDSC Wiki is a resource and tool that all Consortium members are encouraged to actively utilize and contribute to in any way that will support the work of the Consortium.

This is the main page of the PHDSC Wiki. Use the links below to navigate to the individual PHDSC Committee pages.  

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